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Kendall Regional Medical Center
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What is the patient population like at Kendall?

Miami has a large Hispanic population—80-90% of the patients seen at KRMC identify themselves as Hispanic. There is a great deal of social diversity amongst the patients so residents are exposed to a wide array of pathology.

What is the workload on the inpatient services?

Interns are expected to carry up to 8 patients and can admit up to 2 daily. The workload falls well below ACGME requirements for duty hours and this gives the interns and residents adequate time to read about and learn from their patients.

What is the outpatient component like?

The KRMC Internal Medicine Residency has partnered with Borinquen Clinic, a federally qualified health center, to provide a robust outpatient continuity clinic experience to our residents. Residents have their own panel of patients who they follow longitudinally through the 3 years of residency training. This gives them the opportunity to learn from the evolution and natural history of a broad range of diseases. The clinic patient pool is diverse and consists of ED discharges, inpatient follow-ups as well as new patients from the community.

Will I have an opportunity to do research?

Some form of scholarly activity; research, QI or a case report is required for graduation. We have a dedicated faculty member who serves as our Research Director. Their role is to help develop research projects that align with each resident’s particular areas of interest. In addition, residents are required to participate in a QI project during their training. This is facilitated by our Physician Advisor. The core clinical faculty members are always on the lookout for patients who would be good candidates for a case report or abstract submission, and we already have one publication from an intern this year.

Are international medical graduates (IMGs) accepted? Are there any caveats?

We do accept IMGs. Application requirements are detailed in a separate section of this website. The deadline for application is December 1st, and CS results must be received by February 1st in order to be ranked.

In terms of experience, do you consider observerships as US experience?

We do consider observerships as US experience; however, hands-on US clinical experience is preferred.

What makes Kendall Regional Medical Center different from other training programs?

We are a new, small-to-medium sized program (10 residents per postgraduate year) and your participation will not only lead to an excellent medical education for yourself, but will also give you a chance to participate in building the program. Our administration and faculty are extremely flexible, highly accessible, and continually responsive to feedback in an effort to make the program the best it can be. Clinical skills and knowledge can be acquired anywhere, but we make it our mission to provide an environment where each resident feels like they are an individual and that we want them to succeed. You will never be just a face in the crowd – you will form a close relationship not only with your peers but also with the faculty and administration, including the program director.