With nearly 6,000 attendees, Kendall Regional Medical Center's sixth annual Pumpkin Patch Party was a huge success. The award-winning 417-bed hospital welcomed children and families of the community to enjoy a safe and festive day. Costumed children had an opportunity to decorate pumpkins, get their little faces painted, jump around in bounce houses, ride ponies and much more. Families were able to watch their little ones while savoring delicious food, drinks and treats for free!

Kendall Regional Medical Center's annual Teddy Bear Clinic also gave children the chance to bring their teddy bears in for a check-up, which included a health report and an x-ray they got to take home. Attendees were also given coupons for a free ice cream and a gift when visiting Kendall Regional Medical Center's new Town & Country Emergency Room in their way home. As happy children frolicked through the pumpkin patch and families watched joyfully, Kendall Regional Medical Center's Pumpkin Patch Party was a delight for all!