With the help of her doctors, a little girl born 4 months before her due date has overcome many challenges in order to survive.

Some babies are born too soon and have no chance of survival. Only one out of every ten babies born at 22 weeks is able to survive. Such odds are the reason Brenda’s situation has gained notoriety. She was born at 22 weeks and weighed a little over a pound. Now she is four months old and almost ready to go home.

When little Brenda Morejon came to the world, she weighed only 1.1lbs and measured 11.5 inches. Statistically, her chances of survival were only 17%. Mislady Rodriguez, Brenda’s mother, tells us that “She was made here. She has been raised here. She has grown here. She was supposed to be born on January 24th but, instead, she arrived almost four months ago.”

The day she was born, Brenda also started her fight for survival. The little girl did her part and has been able to defy every odd. “She kept holding on to her life and has given us the courage we didn’t have. She has given us the strength we didn’t possess at the time. Brenda is a fighter,” said her mother.

She was unable to breathe or eat by herself. Her body wasn’t ready yet to come into the world. She had to be fed through her bellybutton.

“This way, we are able to give fluids and administer carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This allows babies to receive nourishment until we can feed them by mouth,” explained Dr. Manuel Campo, one of the neonatologists from Kendall Regional Hospital.

It might be difficult to understand exactly how small her body was. Her mother tried to show us. “She was this small twenty days after her birth” (showing a package of baby wipes). And slowly started growing. Yes, she is bigger now. We used this as a reference to see how much she has grown,” said her mother.

Mislady is very grateful for the physicians and nursing staff at Kendall Regional Hospital in Miami. She feels they haven take care of her little girl with great devotion. One of these angels is Gabriela Valdes, who combines her nursing abilities with her passion for photography. It’s hard to believe that these pictures were taken with incubators all over the place. She says that she would like for the families to forget, at least during the holidays, that they are in the hospital. To this effect, Valdes says that “when babies are in the hospital during holidays like Christmas or New Year’s, I try to capture moments that parents can cherish for a life time.”

Brenda looks like a model. No one would have believed that she only weighed one pound at birth and is 5 pounds today. If everything goes as planned, and procedures are performed as scheduled, Brenda might be able to go home next week. Friends and relatives eagerly wait to welcome this little miracle that did not stop fighting for her life.