At Kendall Regional Medical Center, we are dedicated to offering a diverse and comprehensive resident research experience. The research curriculum was designed not only to provide trainees with the knowledge necessary to succeed on their in-training and board exams, but also to give them the skills to conduct innovative research, develop quality improvement projects, and thoughtfully analyze the medical literature. Our research staff are available to assist residents with all aspects of the research process, from obtaining IRB approval to data analysis, medical writing, as well as presentation preparation.


The Graduate Medical Education Research Department at Kendall Regional Medical Center seeks to develop and conduct research that advances medical knowledge and improves patient care.


Kendall Regional Medical Center strives to be a leading community-based research hospital by conducting innovative research and engaging in scholarly activities that enhance medical knowledge and improve the health of our global community.


  • Provide clinical faculty and medical residents with the knowledge and support necessary to conduct research studies for presentation and publication.
  • Create interdisciplinary collaborations to promote innovative research initiatives.
  • Enhance resident education by delivering a comprehensive research curriculum.
  • Contribute to the growth of Kendall Regional Medical Center as a leading clinical research institution in South Florida.