Kendall Regional Medical Center provides adult and geriatric acute inpatient psychiatric care. Our Behavioral Health Unit is a certified receiving facility that will treat a wide range of mental health diagnoses in a calm and soothing environment. Our 23 bed unit, consisting of private and semi-private rooms, will combine an environment of safety and comfort for our patients.

Conditions Treated

The Behavioral Health Unit is an acute inpatient treatment facility that offers services to the adult and geriatric population in our community. The unit serves individuals with severe behavioral, emotional, family, school, and social problems. Conditions treated include:

Family involvement is recommended via family intervention, periodic visitations, 24 hours telephone access. For additional information, please refer to our Guide for Family and Visitors.

Our Program

The Behavioral Health Unit at Kendall Regional Medical Center provides an individualized quality treatment for all patients. The program milieu is therapeutic, supportive, accepting and confidential, which allows patients an opportunity to share and work through the difficult issues in their lives. We recognize that co-occurring substance abuse and mental illness are the expectation rather than the exception. Empathic, hopeful, integrated treatment relationships are one of the most important contributors to treatment success. Many patients are impacted by personal trauma in their lives which influences their experiences. We incorporate this understanding into our treatment model. The patients will receive encouragement and care from professional staff, and also find comfort and support from other patients who are also struggling with emotional turmoil.


We have staff specifically dedicated to assist you throughout the assessment and admission process.

Referrals for assessments or possible admission may be made by calling our Intake R.N. 24/7 at (786) 315-5913


Kendall Regional Medical Center, Behavioral Health utilizes a multidisciplinary approach in terms of screening, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and discharge planning.


In accordance to the needs of our patients some of the treatments we offer are as follows:


Our interdisciplinary clinical team consists of psychiatric licensed professionals including psychiatrists, R.N., clinical Social Worker, Activity Therapist and other mental health professionals. Working together, the treatment team, referring professional, family and patient develop an appropriate discharge and continuing care plan. Our goal is to assist you in maintaining ongoing recovery. This may include referral to a continuing care group, community support group, and/or outpatient therapy. Upon discharge within the next 72 hours a trained RN will call patient/caregiver to reassure patient’s safety and continuity of care. This approach is called Post Discharge Wellness Check.

Additional Resources

For more information on mental disorders and their treatments, please visit our Health Library.


What kind of insurance do you accept?

Kendall Regional Medical Center, Behavioral Health is an authorized provider for most health insurance plan (including Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, and other health insurance plans)


We welcome family and friends to visit and provide support. Our visiting hours are Mon – Sun: 6:30pm – 8:00pm