Kendall Regional Medical Center is proud to announce the addition of burn care services for the treatment of burn victims. The program offers the full range of care from outpatient burn care to the most advanced level of inpatient critical care for pediatrics/infants and adults.

The program consists of a multidisciplinary team of highly trained specialists with extensive burn experience. The program is be led by renowned burn surgeon and researcher, Dr. Fred Mullins, who has years of experience caring for and treating burn victims. Dr. Mullins is a nationally recognized leader in burn research and treatment. Dr. Mullins is be joined by Drs. Claus Brandigi, Carlos R. Medina and Erin Switzer. The team of burn surgeons treats the burn patients throughout the entire continuum of care, from initial evaluation through the entire process of reconstructive surgery.

Burn Clinic Services

In collaboration with Burn Centers of Florida, Inc., Kendall Regional Medical Center has an outpatient burn clinic that focuses on the postoperative discharge management of previously hospitalized burn patients. Physicians in the outpatient clinic also provide consultation and management of acute and chronic wounds, skin and soft tissue disorders.

The Burn Clinic is staffed by specially trained Burn Surgeons, Burn Nurses, and a team of ancillary staff dedicated to providing high quality and compassionate care. The Burn Clinic is a state of the art clinic equipped with private treatment rooms.

For more information on South Florida's New Burn Center, please call (305) 222-2200.

Why is specialized care necessary for burn injuries?

Advances in burn therapy have allowed us to heal burn injuries easier and with significantly less pain. Second degree burns can be treated with a single application of bilaminate skin substitute, porcine skin or cadaver skin. Most second degree burns heal within 10 days after application of one of these skin substitutes. The substitutes do not require dressing changes, eliminating most of the pain. Third degree burns also heal quickly with a split thickness skin graft.