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Pediatric ER

Pediatric emergency room in Miami

Pediatric ER

Kendall Regional Medical Center’s pediatric emergency room in Miami treats more than 20,000 children per year, making it one of the most trusted hospitals in Miami-Dade county. When your child has a medical emergency, you can trust the dedicated pediatricians, nurses and staff to give them the comfort and care they need.

We understand children are different and need special treatment, so we go the extra mile to ensure they receive the bedside manner they need in a scary situation. The pediatricians at our hospital also believe that you are a vital part of your child’s care team and will keep you updated on your child’s condition at all times.

The pediatric ER at Kendall Regional Medical Center treats a variety of children’s medical conditions, from ear infections and stomach aches to broken bones and burns.

We also treat the following:

Why choose our emergency room?

The pediatric ER physicians and pediatricians at our hospital are experts in the treatment of childhood diseases and injuries. No matter what health concerns you have about your child, you’ll never have to travel far or wait long to receive the appropriate medical treatment. This is our pediatricians’ commitment to your child.

ER wait times

For added convenience, we post our ER wait times online so you can make an informed decision about your child’s care. While we offer average ER wait times below the national average, sometimes your wait may be longer than expected due to numerous critical cases coming in. Please be patient with us as we tend to those patients first.

Your child’s health is important to us. If you notice a change in their condition or if they are feeling worse in the waiting room, please notify a nurse and we will re-evaluate them.