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Ice Cream Sandwich

waldo's ice cream sandwiches

One of Well Waldo Wallaby’s favorite foods is ice cream. He thinks it’s a great way to cool off! One of Well Waldo Wallaby’s favorite sayings is “Even when it’s cold outside, it’s never “not a good time’ for ice cream.”

All you need to make your own ice cream sandwiches...

  • Your favorite ice cream
  • Your favorite cookies

With your mom or dad as your assistant...

  1. Lay your favorite cookies out flat side up
  2. Scoop ice cream onto cookie and smooth it over the cookie (let the ice cream soften a little first and it will be easier to spread)
  3. Top with another cookie
  4. Wrap in clear wrap
  5. Freeze.

Waldo likes to make his sandwiches with chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, sugar cookies and... well, you get the idea. Waldo thinks this is great with every kind of cookie!